Pinterest is an amazing source of quality traffic. This comparison of Tailwind and BoardBooster will help you decide which tool will help you the most. Click to get the free questionnaire to help you understand which tool is best for your situation.

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My wife is a teacher and she sells resources to other teachers online (here’s her store if you happen to be a teacher looking for amazing resources).  Anyways, over the past year or so her sales have been increasing at a crazy rate. One day I sat down with her to go over her analytics and I was blown away. A huge chunk of her traffic was coming from Pinterest…and she didn’t even spend much time pinning her resources.

This really sparked my curiosity. I started looking at people with blogs and online businesses and realized that many of them used Pinterest for traffic as well. That’s when I decided to jump on the train.

The first thing I learned about Pinterest is that it rewards people who pin frequently AND things that are high quality.

In the beginning, I was trying to pin everything manually but it was just too difficult to keep up.

That’s where Pinterest scheduling tools come into play. These are tools that help you automate your pinning efforts and let me tell you, they are so helpful!

Have a look at this graph if you don’t believe me. Keep in mind, I’ve only been using Pinterest for a few months. I’m a complete beginner!

I started pinning manually in January and I was getting 30 impressions per day and an average of 4-5 new followers per week. Near the end of January, I started using Tailwind to schedule pins and started to see a real increase in my daily impressions and followers. A little over a month later I added Boardbooster to my toolset as well and these numbers increased even further.

In the last 2 weeks, I’m averaging over 3,000 daily impressions (that’s 100x what it was when I was manually pinning) and gaining about 50 followers per week. I’m expecting this to keep going up as I get better at using these tools.



As I said above, Pinterest likes high-quality pins and people that pin often. Sure, you could be on Pinterest all day pinning things, but that means you’re not focusing on other areas of your business.

With scheduling tools, you can spend as little as 30 minutes per week on Pinterest and still get all the benefits of it. That sounds way better to me than spending half your day pinning.

Boardbooster and Tailwind are two of the most popular scheduling tools (in my opinion). Each of them has pros and cons. Keep reading to find out which would be best for you.

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From the outside, Pinterest seems like a social media site but it’s really not. In reality, it’s a search engine (sort of like Google). People visit Pinterest to find specific things. That’s the reason it’s so powerful.

The second reason I love Pinterest is that pins have a longer shelf-life than things like posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. Your pins can be found by people searching for keywords you use in your pins or repins from people they follow. Pinterest pins are like gifts that just keep giving.

Alright, let’s get into my favorite scheduling tools.



BoardBooster is a pin scheduler that allows you to schedule pins natively from the Pinterest website and the Pinterest app. It offers a campaign tool that lets you effortlessly contribute to group boards. There’s also a tool inside BoardBooster called Pin Doctor which allows you to easily test your pins for broken links, duplicates and more (this is important because it factors into the quality of pins).

A few other features of BoardBooster are the ability to quickly clean up your boards, host top quality group boards of your own and optimize your pinning strategy (you can see best-performing pins and optimal times to pins etc).


You can get started with BoardBooster for free. The free account will allow you 100 pins per month. If you’re looking for more pins, it’ll cost you a penny per pin each month. For example, it’s $5 for 500 pins monthly, $10 for 1,000 and so on. This allows you to tailor your plan to exactly what you need and you’re not paying for what you don’t.

What I Like The Most About BoardBooster

The fact that you can schedule pins directly from the Pinterest website and app is great. It keeps things simple. I can schedule things on my phone while I’m watching the new Game of Thrones without having to open up a new app to do so.

The campaigns function is amazing if you use group boards. It allows you to pull pins from one of your boards and repin it to the group board on autopilot. It spreads the pins out throughout the day so you’re not bombarding people with your pins. I’m currently only a part of a few group boards but I have over 30 pins being pinned to those boards daily…without touching a thing! It’s like I have my own little pinning minion in the shadows!

The Pin Doctor feature is good to help keep your account clean and high quality in Pinterest’s eyes. As I eluded to earlier, Pinterest doesn’t like when you post things with broken links and tons of duplicate content. You can run the Pin Doctor to review all (or some) of your pins and it’ll spit out a report letting you know what you should fix. I’ve only used it once so far. I ran all of my pins through it when I first signed up to BoardBooster and corrected all the errors. There is a fee for Pin Doctor above the monthly fee (discussed more below).

One of my favorite features of BoardBooster is the Loop feature. It basically allows you to repin old pins to the top of your board then it’ll delete the old one. This way you’re constantly pinning new things automatically. It’ll also allow you to keep any pins that are considered viral (really cool). For example, on one of my main boards, I have BB looping 3 pins per day. A week after the pin is looped, BB will look at the stats and delete the lower performing one automatically. If they both happen to go viral, it won’t delete either of them.

Note: BoardBooster does have more features but these are the ones I personally get the most value out of. Check out the BoardBooster site for my details.

What I Don’t Love About BoardBooster

In order for BB to allow you to natively use the Pinterest website and app it has to sort of “get creative”. What it does is create secret boards with the same name is your main board but with a “-” in front. You pin to those secret boards and BB will then pull those pins from the secret one and move them to your main one as per the schedule you set. It sort of clutters up your profile (just to you, your followers don’t see the secret boards).

Here’s what the BoardBooster secret boards will look like.

In order to use the Pin Doctor feature, you have to pay $0.01 per pin to be checked. When I ran my first Pin Doctor campaign it cost me $19 as I had 1900 pins at the time. Down the road, if I want to run it again, it’s going to cost me a penny per pin I’d like to check. It’s too bad BoardBooster didn’t allow you a certain number of pin checks per month free with one of their plans.

The interface isn’t quite as nice as Tailwinds. This may be a personal opinion, but I find the interface for Tailwind to be cleaner and a little easier to use. This doesn’t stop me from using BoardBooster, it’s just something I’ve noticed.



Tailwind is the other scheduler I use for Pinterest. It allows you to bulk pin from an extension in your browser to a single or multiple boards and has a simple, drag-and-drop interface for scheduling pins. It has built-in analytics to allow you to easily see what pins and boards are performing best for you. There’s also an app for IOS so you can use your iPhone for scheduling. I’m an Android guy so I don’t get it…shoot!

They have also recently added an Instagram scheduling feature. I haven’t personally tried this out yet, so I won’t be discussing it in this review.


Tailwind offers a free plan that allows 100 pins per month, similar to BoardBooster. Their Plus plan is $15 per month and that will allow you to access most of their features and schedule 400 pins monthly. The annual account will cost you $9.99 per month, billed annually. This is the same as the plus plan except you get unlimited pins (this is the plan I have).

What I Like Most About Tailwind

I find the interface to be easier to use than BoardBooster. The main dashboard does a good job at showing high-level details about your account (repins stats, pins for your own domain stats, followers etc). The left-hand menu allows you to easily access the various features quickly. Inside the scheduling area, you can easily drag-and-drop to rearrange your pin schedule. It also allows you to randomize your queue (awesome for bulk pinning so you don’t pin the same pins to multiple boards back-to-back).

The browser extension is really easy to use. I can visit a website and open the extension and it’ll bring up all the relevant pinnable images. If you do this right in Pinterest it brings up all the pins on the page you’re at and you can just quickly select the ones you want to add to your queue. Once you highlight the ones you want to pin you can quickly schedule each pin to a single or multiple boards. This is such a huge time-saver!

I like the pricing schedule for Tailwind better than BoardBooster. As I mentioned above, I pay $10 a month (annual payment) and I can schedule an unlimited number of pins. With BoardBooster that same $10 would get me 1000 pins. I know that sounds like a lot but it’s just over 30 per day. Currently, I schedule about 60 pins daily between the two schedulers. I definitely like the flexibility of having an unlimited number of pins.

What I Don’t Love About Tailwind

Tailwind does have a nice interface but it’s too bad that you can’t schedule pins directly from the Pinterest app. I spend time on the app looking through pins and reviewing my profile, but can’t actually do anything from there with Tailwind.

As I said, one of my favorite thing about BoardBooster is the looping feature. Tailwind hasn’t yet come up with a competing feature. There are workarounds that sort of allow you to loop, but it’s not quite the same nor is it as easy.

There are 3 features (trending pins, heatmaps and peak days & times) that are locked unless you upgrade to the enterprise account which is pretty pricey. I haven’t tried those features, but they seem like they may have some use. It’s too bad they aren’t included in the Plus plan.

Note: there are other features in Tailwind that I didn’t touch on. I’ve only discussed the ones that I personally use and find the most value from. Check out the Tailwind site for more details.


I use both, Tailwind and BoardBooster. Each of them offers something different and when paired together can offer insane results!

I use Tailwind to schedule all my new pins. When I finish a new blog post I can go into Tailwind and easily have it scheduled to all relevant boards and my group boards. I also use it to schedule other people’s pins.

Currently, I add between 25-30 new pins each day via Tailwind. Like I mentioned above, it’s easy to open the extension on the Pinterest site and bulk schedule my pins from there. I often pin things to multiple relevant boards. After I batch my pins I like to go into the Tailwind app and shuffle the queue so that I’m not pinning the same pins back to back to different boards. I like to schedule 2-3 days worth of pins at a time. I know many people do their scheduling for the week in a single sitting. You can do whatever works best for you. Be your own windkeeper!

I use BoardBooster to schedule around 30 pins per day. A portion of these are campaigns that pin to my group boards and the rest are pins being looped on my most popular boards. I set it all up once and now it basically runs on autopilot.

The only thing I really do with BoardBooster is review my group boards each week to make sure I’m not spamming by repinning too many things (if you look at a group board and you see your pins plastered all over it, you’re spamming). If you find a good mix of your pins along with others’ pins you’re good and don’t have to do anything. If you see too many of your own you’ll want to lower the number of daily pins to that board. The same goes if you’re not seeing very many of your pins. In that case, you’ll want to increase the number of daily repins to that board. My BoardBooster activity is less than 10 minutes per week. It’s great!


BoardBooster and Tailwind are both great scheduling tools. Each of them offer a slightly different set of features. In my personal opinion, neither is better than the other. It’s all a matter of what makes sense for the person using it. Have a look at the features that each offers and determine which better matches your own goals. If you’re looking for a full Pinterest automation system like I have, both would be your best bet.

I’ve also created a short guide that will help you decide if you should be BoardBooster or Tailwind (or even both).
Download the Questionnaire

Let me know in the comments section which tool you like best and why?


  1. Thank you for this detailed explanation! I’ve heard people plug both these automation services, but I wasn’t sure exactly why they worked so well or how they worked together. I’ve been thinking about getting one or both, but I don’t really have a budget to pay for either. Can you tell me if the free options are just for one month or if I can use them a couple months till I’m able to spring for a paid plan?

    Thank you again for sharing this! Definitely going to pin this to remember. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Rachel! To answer your question, both offer a free plan that allows you 100 pins per month. You can definitely use them a few months to see what features you like and then decide to go to a paid version if that’s what you need. I would give both a try and see if one, the other or both work well for you. Keep in mind you can use the tools to pin 100 pins and then do more manually with your Pinterest account. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck!

  2. Great write up! I’m hearing in my blogger groups that Tailwind has been building it’s own evergreen campaigns feature. Sounds like pretty soon we’ll be able to consolidate and do both in one tool. I don’t want to get too excited until I see it, but !

  3. Thank you for this! I have been a Pinterest peep for a long time, but am just now getting around to using it for business. GREAT resource!

  4. Excellent comparison post, thanks for taking the time to share your insights. I’d never thought of using both of them together, I started with Tailwind but liked the fact you can work directly from Pinterest with Board Booster so I’ve switched. Need to try out the looping feature, it sounds like an easy way to keep your boards active.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! The looping feature is so powerful. It’s the big reason I started to use both tools. Some days it’s tough to squeeze in time for pinning, so having looping helps to keep your account active when you can’t manually do it. Best of luck with Pinterest moving forward!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I just signed up for both of these, but I haven’t taken the time yet to get them set up or figured out. This was just enough incentive to get those going! I have pretty decent analytics (for a relatively small account), but I know that these will help me grow that significantly if I can just set them set up. How many group boards do you recommend joining?

    1. You’re welcome, Erica! Glad you’re getting started with this. As for group boards, I personally like to stick to about 5 quality group boards. All group boards are not created equally. The engagement of the board is the most important. Being a part of a board with 100,000 followers that nobody actually repins or clicks means nothing. Once you join a group board, you can see it’s analytics in BoardBooster. This will give you an idea of which ones may work best for you. Don’t be afraid to join boards and see what they’re like. It’s easy to leave if they’re not what you’re looking for. Good luck!

  6. I’m really undecided between which of these to get, it’s one of those things I keep meaning to do but haven’t quite got round to.

  7. I’m so glad I found this post! I always wondered which one is better and could never decide, that’s why I don’t use any of them yet. When did you start using them? I have only been blogging for 6 weeks and I just started driving traffic to it.

    1. Maya, I started with Tailwind at the end of January. Then I got into Boardbooster near the end of Feb. You don’t need to have been blogging long to get started. Even if you don’t have too many posts you can create multiple pins for each post. That way you get more pins out into the world without having to create new blog posts immediately. Best of luck! Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help!

  8. I signed up for tailwind today and at the end of the introductory video on the website they explain how to send images directly from pinterest in your drafts section. Maybe this is interesting for you in order to update your post?

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