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It’s all in the list.

You’ve heard this a million times. You know it. And you’re doing it.

You’ve got opt-in forms plastered all over your blog. You’re offering your readers something amazing in exchange for the emails (here’s a guide on setting up content upgrades).

All of this stuff is great! You’re on the right track and you’re chuggin’ forward.

What if I told you there’s one simple tweak you can make to your opt-in process to skyrocket your opt-in rate?

You probably guessed it…there is!

They’re called 2-step opt-in forms.

I’m going to explain what they are and how you can get these conversion-boosting beasts up and runnin’ on your own site.

Let’s do it!


I mentioned that a “normal” opt-in form has fields that a reader fills out right then and there. A 2-step form doesn’t show any inputs initially. The reader clicks a link, a button, or an image and that triggers a separate box to pop up. This second box is the one that has the fields where the reader enters their contact information.

Here’s an example of a 2-step opt-in form. You’ll click a button or link on a blog post that will trigger this to pop up.

It’s a 2 step process just like the name suggests.

You might be thinking that a longer process would deter people from signing up…but it doesn’t. Huh?

Let me explain why the 2 step process works so well.

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By using a 2-step process you can increase your opt-in rate by 60%. I don’t know about you, but I have no problem taking a few extra minutes to set this up to get those kinds of numbers.

The reason it works so well is that it uses a psychology principle called Zeigarnik Effect. Without getting all sciency on you, it basically means that people who initiate something are more likely to finish the process.

You can probably find examples of this in your own life if you think about it. Have you ever decided you’re just going to do “a little” bit of something and then once you got going you finished it? Maybe you said you’d get up and rake half the yard. Then, once you get out there, you end up doing the whole thing. This is an example of that principle.

You’re getting your reader to make a simple first commitment. Then once they’ve “come that far” they’re more likely to finish. It’s much easier to get someone to just click on something than it is to get them to enter their information straight away.

That’s why this works so well.

2-step opt-in forms aren’t much harder to set up than a normal form and they can perform much better if used properly.

Let me show you how you can set them up yourself.


There are so many different ways to set up 2-step opt-in forms. In this post, I’m going to show you how to set them up using Thrive Leads. Feel free to use any other software you might be familiar with.

Creating Your Form

While in your Thrive Leads dashboard, scroll down and find the ThriveBoxes section and click Add New.

Choose a name for your ThriveBox. Use something that fits whatever your opt-in offer is. This is especially important if you’ve got multiple forms.

Then click Add ThriveBox.

Your new ThriveBox is going to show up under the ThriveBoxes heading. Click the Edit button.

Click Create Form.

Name the form then click Create Form.

Click the pencil icon to edit the form design.

Choose a template to start with (you can edit it to look how you want later on).

This is where you’re going to edit all the details to fit your offer.

The most important thing to do is connect the form to your autoresponder.

Click the email field.

Click Connect with Service.

Click Create a new Connection.

Select HTML Form Code and click Go to the next step.

Insert the HTML code from your autoresponder into the field and click Generate Fields.

If you don’t know how to do this, you can find it in the help section of your autoresponder. They should have detailed steps on how to connect it to other services.

Add the link to your posts

The next step is to actually add the form to your posts.

In the Thrive Leads dashboard find the ThriveBox you’ve just created then click Copy to copy the shortcode.

Paste the code into your post wherever you want the link. Insert whatever you want the reader to click where it says “Trigger Goes Here. Make sure to remove that wording. In my example, I have an image in there that can be clicked. You can do the same or you can use text or anything else you want.

You’ve done it! You know how to set up a 2-step opt-in.

Make sure you test the links and connections.

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